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Gibson's Photographic Gallery

World renowned photographer Rob Gibson is a master of the photographic processes used during the mid-1800s. He and his work have appeared in numerous Television productions and motion pictures.

Rob Gibson and his wife, Dee, invite you to sit under the studio skylight and have your tintype or glass plate photograph made with the same process used in the mid nineteenth century. Even their cameras date back to the Civil War.

Visit Gibson's Photographic Gallery, a magical place where Time Travel is possible...And the Past Comes Alive!

Just Like the 1800s, and we provide the costumes and props.

Rob Gibson, The Chemist:

Wet-plate photograpy is science as well as art. His photographic solutions are actual mid-1800s formulas which he constantly adjusts to temperature, humidity and atmospheric conditions.

Rob Gibson, Camera Collector

In striving for authenticity, Rob owns a wide variety of photographic equipment from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including 1800s era studio props.


Rob Gibson

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Wet-Plate Photographer

65 Steinwehr Avenue

Gettysburg, PA 17325


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